I, Sergio Giuseppini ...

When I was a kid, like many other children, I dreamed of being an astronaut. During the high school years, though, I used to fix broken old stoves door-to-door to pay for my holidays, and maybe because of that at the university my interest turned to energy and its technologies, especially renewable energy and its innovative technologies, an interest that I would later develop throughout my career. During my professional career I was lucky enough to actively participate in numerous projects in the field of plant engineering such as the integrated interventions carried out for IKEA. In Corsico (Milan), for example, with the use of the largest closed loop geo-exchange system in Europe; in Parma and Rimini, where the "close loop" geo-exchange systems were supported with a vegetable oil cogeneration island to guarantee the use of all renewable energy, and in Turin-Collegno and Milan-San Giuliano, where high efficiency heat pumps were used to use both groundwater and surface stream water. Regarding the residential engineering field, I want to mention the intervention of "heating & cooling district" of Compartment Z2 in Rome, a complex of about 1,000 apartments. For this housing complex, an energy production from renewable resources was planned to cover about 70% of the overall annual energy needs of the entire housing complex, consisting of 20 multi-storey buildings. In the field of solar photovoltaic energy, I developed, along with my team, the guiding project for the insertion of systems on the roofs of all IKEA stores in Europe. In the field of monumental buildings and museums, I designed "open loop" geo-exchange systems with the use of extremely high efficiency heat pumps. Following these experiences and thanks to my know-how acquired over the years, I had the privilege of being called to be part of the design team for the development of the energy concept of 25 Medical Centre, as a Peer Review Engineer, plus for two interventions of residential construction in Toronto (1,000 apartments the first one, and 15,000 apartments the second one). In 2016 my work group developed the project of the various sections of the expansion of the Mega Shopping Center in Krasnodar (construction, demolition, reconstruction and renovation of an area of approximately 222,000 square meters). Thanks to my professional experience gained over the years and my technical knowledge, I carry out numerous consultations across Europe: Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, China, Russia, United Arab Emirates, etc. The know-how acquired in the field of renewability and sustainability has allowed me to be part of the Sustainability Workshops Group of the Ingka Group (IKEA) for several years, culminating in the workshop held in Burlington (Canada), in September 2018. What about today? I keep repairing old stoves that I collect at the STIMP headquarter and which represent a source of inspiration. The desire of being an astronaut? That has disappeared, but the desire to always look ahead hasn’t, as my will to always try to contextualize each project by looking at it as a whole. Just like an astronaut who looks at the Earth from space…

Graduated from the University of Florence Faculty of Engineering, degree course in Civil Engineering Plant section, in July 1979 with a mark of 110 discussing the thesis "Enabling and controlled thermal balance with use of solar energy" (1980) . Project Rapporteur Dott. Ing. Enzo Giusti.

Registration in the Register
Registered in the professional register of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Florence with No. 2212 (registration date 16/09/1981).

Subscription to the Ministerial list Lex 818
Enrolled in the Ministerial list pursuant to law 818 of 07/12/1984 and Ministerial Decree 25/03/1985 with the individual code n ° FI-2212-I-0256.

Enrollment in the College
Enrolled in the College of Engineers of Tuscany with the number 07883 (1984)

Enrollment a AICARR

Associated with AICARR (Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration - associated with ASHRAE, REHVA, IIF, CTI, affiliated to ATI - Via Sardegna, 32 20146 Milan - tel. 490185) with the n 1958.

Registration to ASHRAE
Associated with ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineering, Inc) 1791 TULLIE CIRCLE, N.E., ATLANTA - GEORGIA; with the number 5156721.

Registration in the professional list of the Municipality of Florence
Registered in the list of professionals of the Municipality of Florence at No. 493 (Ordinance No. 1570 of March 12, 1994).

System Safety D.P.R. 447/91
Enrolled in the list of professionals of the subjects authorized to carry out checks on system safety, pursuant to art. n ° 9 of the Presidential Decree 447/91 Regulation implementing the Law of 5 March 1990, No. 46.

Even if STIMP Srl is privately managed, dott. ing. Sergio Giuseppini places a great and continuous passion in the search for the best collaborators in the field. Some of the employees have a 25 years working relationship and all colleagues can be considered serious professionals with great skill and work ethics, qualities that allow the entire studio to always and best satisfy customer requests.