STIMP is an acronym for "Studio Tecnico Impianti", an engineering company founded by Eng. Sergio Giuseppini and his collaborators, nearly 40 years ago. STIMP was set up in 1981 thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of a team of young professionals who, armed with solid work experience and adequate training, decided to conceive and develop a new vision of engineering: engineering as “the art of doing”, a very practical approach to work, based on the idea of working in an efficient and effective way with a flexible work structure that is able to provide a full range of technical solutions and services to clients, ensuring their satisfaction at all times. STIMP S.r.l. has collected this legacy and the great wealth of knowledge and work experience gained over the years, it has carried them out with passion and professionalism, an ongoing training, attention to customer satisfaction and respect for the environment, and it is now a well-established firm with clients worldwide.
The multidisciplinary team can rely on an extensive know-how made up of technical-scientific and instrumental resources acquired both through constant training and hands-on experience in the field. In compliance with the current regulatory and programmatic guidelines, STIMP S.r.l. offers to its clients a full range of engineering services, including consultancy, design, construction supervision, and inter-professional management in various sectors of mechanical and civil engineering, integrated through the current BIM and MEP procedures. The core business of the company is the plant engineering sector with a constant attention, research and use of innovative, renewable and sustainable energy technologies. STIMP also offers expertise and solutions in acoustical design and services, environmental and fire protection engineering. Our professionalism and reliability are attested by many projects successfully carried out over the years and the satisfaction shown by our main partners.